What is camping without a tent? No matter where you go and for how long, you must include a tent in the list of things on a camping trip. When deciding exactly how many tents are necessary for your group, consider the fact that regular multi-seat tents usually easily accommodate one person more. For example, […]

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag The list of things to go on is a sleeping bag. If an overnight stay is not included in your plans, it is not necessary to take it at all. In multi-day routes, this item belongs to the category of “must-have”. Many beginner tourists think that taking a sleeping bag in the summer […]

Travel backpack

Travel backpack What do you need to take on a camping trip first? Of course, a backpack! Are you going to the forest or mountains, this device will become your closest friend for the next few days. The backpack should be not so much convenient as correctly folded. There is no need to pack things […]